Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion

Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion 7.0

Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion is a NFL handicapping tool
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Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion is a NFL handicapping tool. It is designed to provide a betting edge for upcoming football matches and it can also be used as a bookmaking tool. You can also configure it as you see it, modify almost all of the information within the program and the entire season will be recalculated immediately.

The program has a fairly simple design, however, to fully understand all its features you have to go through the help section. The help section is well-organized and covers everything you might want to know.

You can choose to view the information by week, or you can choose to view it by team. I found this quite useful if you are only interested in one team , or just in the overall season. You can also modify information in the adjustments screen if you want a more accurate result. You can adjust this information for every selected match or team. You can select to view the spreads which will show you the winning percentages. Another very nice feature of the program is that whenever you hold your mouse arrow over a match, you'll get some information on the bottom of the screen. That information will basically tell you which team is most likely to win and what are the odds of that happening.

The program gets updated regularly and your information will get adjusted according to Dan Gordon.

Dennis Niels
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